Page 3 - Buillt For Greatness - Christian Edition of the Tao Te Ching
P. 3

Your love, is never ending
Your love, has no name
Your love, is greater than all
Your love, like water in the rain
Your love, consecrate life
Your love, change to all
Your love, is not just what you have
Your love, no matter who you are
Your love, God the Father
Your love, living in the Son
Your love, here for all to know
Your love, Holy One
Your love, is what I am
Your love, is what I need
Your love, so empty me out
To pour into me

Before we knew God
The right appeared wrong
The light appeared dark
And the truth is like a lie and all but gone
But when we receive
Our sins are washed away
By the Blood of the Son
And the night turns to day
So tell me son, what are you living for?
Don’t you know, you can lose your soul?
So let go, let God, let him save you now, save you now
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