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Music is a universal language that touches our hearts and
heals the soul. The three songs included in this online book
were produced by a young gifted man who became
homeless. After caring for him and providing for his needs in
our home for six months, he was radically moved by our
time together, and produced these songs to express his
gratitude and support for this project. God does amazing
things when you least expect it.

The first song expresses what God’s Love “Is”, inspired by a
collection of chapters in this book. It is the love that
surpasses our own understanding, pure and full of promise.

Song Title: Your Love

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You think you know, but you don’t know.
You try to figure out but can’t seem to find it.
Every door that you open seems to close.
Cause you are not looking in the right place… oh yah.
In a world full of dark things.
We try to find the love that brings.
Brings you up and down on your knees.
There is love,
That cannot be taken over,
That can give you all you need.
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